UI/UX Design and Development

Birch River Design Group’s UI/UX Design and Development Service

First impressions remain as important as ever. However, in today’s world, you may not even be aware that you have already given yours to a potential client. Your website is an incredibly important part of being seen as a reputable and professional company. If it isn’t designed with intention, it will cost you potential customers. At Birch River Design Group, we understand your goals and customers and build your online experience around them.

Although they go hand in hand, User Interface (UI) involves the medium that an individual accesses a platform with and the visual elements that a customer sees. The User Experience (UX) refers to the functionality and interactions within the site. UI serves to plan how a product looks and functions where UX services are there to solve the customer/business problem. It has to be clear, visually appealing, engaging and it needs to reflect your brand. The website also needs to be functional, easy to use and designed with the end user in mind.

UI/UX development is the building of the intersection between business goals and user needs. We dive deep into your company’s brand, customers and goals in order to create the best website for your company. Depending on your budget, we can work with themes or custom code something just for you. We design with mobile compatibility in mind right from the start, so the finished product looks and functions seamlessly from any device. We can also help design your mobile app.

UI Services:

  • Design References
    • How the front and back end work together.
  • Information Architecture
    • The best order to present all of your brand information and services.
  • UI Guidelines
    • Branding specific to platform architecture.
  • Analytics and Research
  • Wireframing and Dynamic Prototyping
    • Visual static planning of functionality (UI).
  • Design Review

UX Services:

  • User Behavior Research
  • Interface Architecture
    • How to physically best present all of your brand information and services.
  • Animated Concept Prototyping
    • Interim functionality of system to assess overall experience, emotion and effectiveness.
  • Cross Platform Experience Design