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In : Content Marketing Comments : 0 Author : Sam Barraza Date : 08 Apr 2020
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No business can survive outside the realms of society. From planning, strategizing, and actual operations, firms need to consider and adapt to the current situation in the community.  Thus, any social, economical, or political crisis can have a significant impact on an organization. The effect can be positive or negative but what matters more is how a firm chooses to react to it.

Exceptional firms don’t just know how to make the most out of their resources, they are also adept in turning a bad situation around. So even during bleak days, they manage to see opportunities that will allow their business to grow. Enterprises can turn a crisis to their advantage by using it as a time to enhance branding and marketing campaigns. The following are some suggestions on how to do that:

Strengthen relationships with clients/customers.

People may not remember those who are with them during happy times but it is certainly hard to forget those who stayed by their side during a crisis. The same principle holds true in maintaining a positive relationship with clients and customers. This is not a time to hide and be quiet because a firm can greatly benefit by being more visible during a crisis. By coming up with ideas and implementing ways to ease the burden of people, a brand can easily gain new customers and win back past clients.

Spread positivity.

Branding is important because a bad reputation can hurt your firm’s overall marketing tactics. In challenging times, you can propel your branding campaigns and establish a good reputation by being a source of hope and positivity. Aside from offering sympathy to those badly hit by a crisis, it is also a good idea to remind people that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This practice can help a brand earn respect and trust of clients which is essential for the success of any marketing campaigns.

Produce relevant content/products/services.

Firms that clearly know their audience can easily identify the top concerns that their target clientele is having during a crisis. This will allow a business to come up with content or services that will be highly relevant and useful for their customers. An organization can also customize their offerings to fit the needs of the time. Brands that make an effort to be part of the solution show that they are a valuable part of society.

Take note of consumer behavior.

Businesses rely on various stats and data to guide the direction of their branding strategies. Since a crisis can potentially alter many aspects of society; it is advisable to use this time to study the behavior of clients and customers. Some ways to do this include running surveys or observing fluctuations in revenues. A business can use the data it will gather in plotting future marketing tactics and making wise business decisions.

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In : Content Marketing Comments : 0 Author : Susie Date : 22 Mar 2019

Every marketing strategy requires the creation of valuable and relevant content. A powerful message that will pique the interest of your ideal clients has the best potential to skyrocket your campaign to success. Catching people’s attention is harder than ever in a digital world where anyone can freely post and share content anytime, anywhere. With content production growing more and more competitive each day, a brand needs effective strategy for their content to stand out.

This makes seeking the services of a content marketing agency one of the most vital aspects of your overall marketing plan. With a report revealing that expenditures towards content creation spiked 58% in 2018, content marketing is clearly a fast-growing industry. Furthermore, a 2016 survey from Demand Gen discovered that 51% of customers search for online content before making a decision to purchase. But do you find the best agency that can produce high quality content for your business? First, you need to know the right questions to ask.

What benefits can you expect by hiring their agency?


Content marketing is undoubtedly important for every businesses. If you want to know if your brand needs to hire an outside agency to produce content, make sure you understand how the agency will bring ROI to your business through content. The content team you hire should be able to clearly explain these benefits and not be conveyed in vague, general terms. They should supplement their claims with case studies and reports that show their content strategy is one that works. They should also introduce the team you will be working with. A team with broad experience in content and digital marketing will show why a partnership with them will be an asset to your business.

Do they have a concrete strategy for your content marketing needs?


Any agency can say that a well-designed content marketing strategy should bring in more clients and increase profits. A goal-oriented agency, though, will explain in detail the steps they take to achieve those specific goals. For example, they may amplify your brand awareness by incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Their strategy should also include content that helps solve the latest issues affecting your target clients and increase engagement.

Why do you need an outside agency vs. an in-house team for content creation?


To gain confidence that you’re making the right choice, clear your mind of any “what if’s” and doubts before making a deal. Ask your prospective agency upfront why it is a better decision to outsource your content marketing rather than establishing an in-house team. They should explain why content strategy is better handled by a professional team with extensive experience. In the long run, a content marketing agency may also be a cheaper. Agencies usually charge fixed or monthly rates for their services. The answer to this question will be tied up to the unique structure of your business. Think about the needs of your brand in order to come up with the best decision.

Do they have success stories that prove their expertise?


You want to work with an agency that has proven expertise in content marketing. It is a must that they show examples of past work demonstrating their knowledge and edge over the competition. The samples they provide should also show the challenges they encountered and how they overcame them. A look at their past clients and testimonies are also a great way to gauge if they can provide top content for your company.

What types of content do they produce?


Blogs, social media posts, photos and video are typical options for content creation; but they aren’t the only types an agency can produce. To assess if the agency can deliver the results you want, inquire about the types of content they specialize in. If video creation is your goal, look for an agency that has in-depth knowledge about producing videos. Their scope of services should also be clear right from the start. Some content strategists only create content while others also handle the promotional side (social media marketing).

How do they define success?


There are many ways to define a successful content marketing strategy. It can be based on the number of engagement it gathered or the number of times it has been shared. The measurement of success may differ, but expectations should be in place from the very beginning. The tools they use to measure their progress should also be shared with you.

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