Content Creation

Birch River Design Group’s Content Creation Service

Content creation often goes overlooked in what benefits it can provide for a business. Well written, SEO-driven content should be plugged into all aspects of your client-facing collateral. This drives traffic and creates situations in which people can engage with your company. Whether it’s your website, landing pages, blog, social media or another customer-facing platform, good content makes all the difference. It can be the deciding factor when it comes to people actually finding your content, engaging with your brand and ultimately becoming a customer.

A huge part of our strategy at Birch River Design Group for SEO and content is blogging. SEO tools help us research and discover highly searched keywords related to your business. We’ll manage a blog on your website based on topics relevant to your business, written based on keyword research and posted with SEO-focused principals. We pay close attention to the distinction between organic and paid SEO opportunities.

Content Services Include: 

  • Keyword and Industry Research
  • Content Calendar
  • Topic-Based Research for Keyword Relevancy
  • Editing and Revisions
  • Licensed Images
  • SEO-Focused Scheduling and Posting