Birch River Design Group’s Branding Service

People don’t buy products – they buy brands. At Birch River Design Group, we have seen this proven true time and time again. The digital personality that your brand conveys, in addition to the overall look and feel on various channels, can determine the type of customers you attract. A cohesive brand appearance can propel your company into success if executed effectively. The total package for brand identity includes but is not limited to vector logos, color schemes, fonts, icons, tone of voice, taglines and more to bring your brand mission and vision to life.

Whether you need ongoing creative design, assistance to implement revisions, or a total revamp — Birch River Design Group can help. We believe in the philosophy that we are an extension of your brand. When working with clients, we take the time to get to know what lies at the heart of your company to ensure that we are telling your story, not an interpretation of it. From there, we work collaboratively to create your logo. All other visual elements are designed after the logo to ensure a cohesive look and feel. By the time we’re done you’ll have a brand, along with guidelines and a style guide to make sure your brand look and feel continues to thrive throughout all of your collateral.

Our Branding Services include:

  • Market Research and Persona Development.
  • Brand Strategy and Identity Mapping
  • Visual Style Guide
    • Logo, color scheme, fonts, etc.
  • Brand Strategy Guide
    • Mission and vision, tone of voice, brand name, taglines, etc.
  • Packaging and Collateral Design Support
  • UI/UX Development
  • A/B Testing
    • To design in a way that resonates with your demographic.